The term disruption is used pretty liberally these days.  I can understand why – what’s not to like about the idea that anyone can come up with an idea and with minimal resources, knock the ‘big boys’ off, remake industries or create new ones all together!  It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of an idea like that!

However, the term disruption as coined by Clayton Christensen means something quite different to the way it is mostly used in the media, and as a way to promote the potential of new ideas.  My interest in disruptive innovation originates in work I have done with two companies working in the cleantech space, as well as doctoral level research I have done on the topic.  The idea – as well as the application of the idea – interest me intensely, and this site has been set up to explore some ideas on the topic.  I have a particular interest in the social changes that accompany the diffusion of technological innovation, and that will be a focus of this site.  However, in exploring the issue, I also intend to discuss innovation more generally – what it is, how it happens and its symbiotic relationship with the social fabric that simultaneously sustains it and pushes it forward while altering and redirecting it at the same time.

In addition to posting thoughts, I’ll be publishing white papers on a range of issues relating to the topic – with the first being a (relatively dry…) summation of my doctoral research findings.  From there things will get more interesting.  I hope interesting enough to prompt your own thoughts, and to keep you coming back for more…!  I look forward to your contributions and to connecting with you to discuss your own insights into innovation.


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